Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Boutique Committee is humming!

As The Show grows closer, the building to that opening moment has a lot of busy hands in the background working. Thought you might be interested in seeing what it is to host a Quilt Show. The various committees will be highlighted. The busiest right now is the Boutique Committee with two sew-ins a month. They are making such a wide selection of product that your wish list will be long. But most important they are having a blast. As our former President and Show Chairman always says "Many hands make light work." We will be sharing their fabulous wares with you.  But the best thing that we are gaining from the Boutique Days is friendship and camaraderie.  Have a great day quilting. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Port Saint Lucie Crazy Quilters Biennial Show - Quilting in Paradise

Members of the Committee found themselves having quite an exciting week in early January when we shared our plans with the Guild. On Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, many things were announced as Patti Chancey opened the Show Meeting for all the members to "Join the Team." Joey Mettley presented the name that we would use for this show and shows in the future as listed above.  The reworked logo created by Karen Marchetti was presented. The branding has begun. 

The Chairmen of the Challenge, Jen Lee (Donna Eastbrooke was not present) announced the theme and rules for the 2016 Member's Challenge to appropriate music. The group had great fun guessing. Upon arrival each member had to state their home town and put a pin in the map of where they were from.  A paper Hometown name tag was given and crayons, colored pencils, etc., were provided for decorating.  There was a hush over the meeting because they were busy coloring. What a perfect Challenge -  My Hometown. 

The completed top of the Raffle Quilt was shown.  It is magnificent.  The quilting has not been done.  But Helia Ricci, the Best of Show winner of the 2014 show, will be quilting. A big thank you to Margy Merle for all the work she and her committee did to get the top completed.  The quilt was a beauty using the pattern from Quiltworx and Judy Neimeyer.http://www.quiltworx.com/patterns/fire-island-hosta/ It is called Fire Island Hosta but our version has been given a new name....that will be shared when you see the actual Quilt.  Helia is working hard to have it ready. The tickets will be soon be ready to sell so don't miss out on the opportunity to win the quilt.  This is Helia's BOS Quilt.