Friday, February 17, 2017

2016 Best of Show Memory

Remember I mentioned that we would be sharing some memories from our past shows...

Here is the Best of Show winner from the 2016 Show

Summer's Delight by Sheila Quinn (quilted by Helia Ricci)

Keep following along for more memories!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2018 Show Countdown!

Wow... the quilt show is one year away -- time sure flies when you're busy planning an awesome three-day quilt show!

The committee chairs, as well as their subcommittees, are in full swing to make certain that this is our best show yet!

You can always check the show page on our website for all of the latest information.  One big change we'd like to mention is this year you have the opportunity to win cash prizes!  Check the list of prizes here.

Also on the website show page, you can see a few of the items that will be available during our Auction and also in our Boutique - the members have been sewing up a storm (not the bad kind, more like a fabric storm) - more photos will be added soon.

Margy (Raffle Quilt Chairperson) has delivered the raffle quilt to the quilter, Creative Longarm Quilting by Karen Marchetti who is graciously donating her time and talent on our quilt. (I have to admit that's me, and I'm super excited to quilt this beauty) -- here's a peek at this awesome quilt.  Margy is having a little "name that quilt" challenge among the members -- I can't wait to hear what this beauty will be named.

A big shout-out to everyone that worked on the piecing of the raffle quilt -- it is gorgeous!  (I'm secretly hoping I win - even though it only takes one ticket to win, I'm buying a bunch).  As soon as we have the tickets, we'll be sure to share how/where you can get your hands on some chances.  More details and information on the quilt will follow in the coming months.  

That's it for this post.  Watch in the coming weeks as we share memories from our past shows.  Don't forget you can always enter your email on the Follow by Email block on the left sidebar so you'll never miss a post!