Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quilting in Paradise set to open tomorrow

The show is ready.  The Quilts are outstanding.  Pat Harrison, our Judge, asked us if we had run classes on binding (and yes, we had) because our binding was so good overall and she was pleased to see a pleatless set of quilts on the backside.  The ribbons are fantastic looking, thank you Bette H. and Gail Z.  The layout done by Marian Mc makes the quilts look fantastic and wait till all you traditional quilters see our BEST OF SHOW and BEST HAND QUILTING.  The vendors are sharing a great group of fabrics, notions, patterns and yes, tools and machines.  You will be impressed with the wide variety of vendors our Show Chairman was able to gather.  I was impressed and will not be able to  keep that not spending too much VOW.  However, I have to take my hat off to the Boutique and Auction Committee.  Their wares and offers are the best group  I have ever seen.  You will want to spend a few bucks there.  Here is a sample of the Boutique booth.

The Auction everyday from 1 to 2 PM will knock your socks off.  You will be bidding your little paddles off.  And when you see what a guild full of women can do to assist in making other women aware of their hearts.  The three quilts are fantastic for the Go Red for Women event during the whole show.  See our post on that.  On Friday, February 5th, wear red and get to enter our drawing for the $1,000 Basket of Quilting Supplies. for more info.